I don't quite understand how Prophet is different from an Agency or Instagram?

Prophet is more focused on promoting a refined list of London’s best creatives to industry professionals looking to commission/work with you. We are all about doing what big brands and agencies don’t have the time to do… and that's research talent.

Do I need to sign anything if I get a job?

No not to join Prophet! If we successfully partner you with a brand or company for a job we may need you to sign a short contract that states your agreement to your fee, the usage and what you’re expected to deliver as part of the job, as well as any specific guidelines the client requests (this is super standard)

What happens if I have an agent?

We would prefer to work with people without, however it doesn't mean that we don't work with people with agents - the same process is required just your agent would invoice us rather than you!

Can I do work for other people / clients whilst I’m with Prophet?

Of course you can. Do your thing we just want to get your recognised we don’t want to control you!

What happens if I work directly with a client that Prophet introduced me to?

We work really hard to build your careers and at no cost to you so it would upset us! We would have no choice but to flag your profile and not continue to introduce you to new clients in future.