Richard Mensah

10 Black Films you must watch...

1.  Behind Every Good Man (1979), directed by Nick Elliot
2.  Black Panthers (1968), directed by Agnès Varda

3. Sarret/The Wagoner (1963), Ousmane Sembène

4.  The Dislocation of Amber (1975), directed by Hussein Shariffe

5.  IWOW: I Walk On Water (2020), directed by Khalik Allah

 6. The Tam Tams Are Silent/Les tam tams se sont tus (1972), directed  by Philippe Mory

7.  The Blood of Jesus (1941), directed by Spencer Williams

8.  The Woman with the Knife/La femme au couteau (1969), directed by Timité Bassori

9. Hommage à Noir (1996), directed by Ralf Schmerberg

10. Faya Dayi (2021), directed by Jessica Beshir

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